What is i_Authentiic?

i_Authentiic is a support forum for people who have partners battling disabilities or long term illness.

Why i_Authentiic?

I created i_authentiic because I couldn’t find any support groups for people like me - full-time working mother with three young children and a husband battling a progressive neurological condition - Spinocerebellar Ataxia - SCA7. I hope to provide a platform where people don’t feel alone or think they have to do it on their own. 

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Living with SCA7 and its impact on family life - Intro

The first of our videos on living with a neurological condition, featuring my husband Chris, Fola Komolafe MBE DL CMMI and I.

Impact of SCA7 Teaser - children's view

A short video featuring our children discussing their feelings on the impact of SCA7. Look out for a full discussion coming soon.

Living with a neurological condition - Back to School

Watch Chris speak about his experience

One way to create hope in a challenging situation

Having a plan means there is hope and life beyond the challenge. 

When you plan, you hope. When you hope, you see beyond where you are.

An interesting video with Fola Komolafe MBE DL CCMI of Fresh Inspiration discussing how planning for the future when your circumstances change can help and how hope comes through planning.

Self discovery Part 1 - Who am I?

You are more than your circumstances!

Your circumstance doesn't define you, it can only impact you!

A new video on Self-Discovery featuring Lola Olujobi,  founder of Connecting the Dot and Beyond Image.

Self-discovery Part 2 (Emotions)

Be authentic with your emotions!

Your circumstance doesn't define you, it can only impact you!


Watch Part 2 of Self-discovery still with Lola Olujobi,  

Video of blog - Not the whole staircase

You can now watch or listen to my blogs if you dont have the time to read 

Video of Blog - Calling all 49ers

If you don't enjoy reading, you can listen to my blog.